Welcome - Course Introduction


Hello and welcome to EI’s first online course, ‘Putting Ethics Into Action: A Beginner’s Guide to AI and Big Data Ethics’. 

We are really excited to have you here, and congratulations for taking the first step towards investing in yourself for the future. Ethics in tech is here to stay, it’s going to matter in the long run. It’s vitally important that you start taking steps now to educate yourself in preparation for the future. Having an ethical awareness is the first step towards developing long-term and innovative tech that will stand the test of time and bring the human back into the equation. 

Those of you who are taking this course from a technical background, welcome, we have a lot of links and further reading for you to dive into those technically deep subjects. On the other hand, those of you who don’t come from a necessarily technical background, also welcome. We’re going to be breaking down these concepts that you can understand the jargon and be able to approach someone with a technical background to meet in the middle for these important discussions. So, both sides will be learning a lot from these lectures with the end goal of being able to lead with confidence and put yourself ahead of the game by standing out from the crowd. 

Each lesson is comprised of an hour maximum worth of videos, broken into short videos ranging from two to five minutes in length. Each of these videos will come with a script for all our nonnative english speakers. We broke the videos down into easily manageable pieces so that everyone with a busy schedule can watch on their own time instead of having to set aside time to watch an hours worth of information. 

Within each video we will be breaking down very complex concepts, so as often as possible we will give real life examples, both technical and non-technical. You’ll see that in the first lesson the examples will be less technical, so that you can easily get that initial level of understanding before adding on another layer of technical concepts. However, after the first lesson we go more technical to help with your understanding of ethical application in tech.

Along with the videos, each lesson will include one to two quizzes meant to help you understand and interpret the material. These quizzes are to help you; this isn’t ‘learn the facts and repeat them back to me’ scenario, this course is for learning the reasoning skills required and be able to use them. 

In addition to the quizzes, each lesson comes with an assignment. We highly suggest completing the assignments. Finally, there is a list of further reading at the end of every lesson so you have the chance and resource to deep in even deeper to these topics. 

This is our first online course. As we challenge companies to within the course to be transparent, we must also abide by this. So, I want to be completely transparent with you now. We are still a young company, which means we have limited resources. You can probably tell that these videos were not made using fancy equipment in a fancy studio. The resources that we do have all went into the content and information in this course. There is a lot of talk going around right now in AI Ethics saying that ethics is only used a marketing stunt, fluff that is merely words but without any action. So we decided to do the exact opposite. We took away all the shiny bells and whistles and instead focused solely on the content and all the brain power that went into designing the information in the course. Because at the end of the day, that’s what matters. So, this is all to say, I wanted to be completely honest with you. Our videos aren’t going to be shiny, but the content there is priceless. It’s going to help you build your career and build your company in an ethical way. 

We are taking the breadth of knowledge from academia and translating it into something that is easily understandable and broken down. This course is meant to power you with the knowledge on the important topics in ethics for when it comes to implementing ethics into your technology. 

So, let’s get started. Let’s start learning how to put ethics into action, so we can bring the human back into the equation and create responsible technology for a better tomorrow.

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